Masonry Supplies

At Quarry Stone Manufacturing our Masonry Supply and Veneer Stone Showrooms feature a full selection of products. Our Masonry supplies include a wide range of tools, including quality masonry tools, cleaners and sealants, chimney hardware, hand tools, and more. We have a full selection of bagged cements and mortars.

Masonry supply business in Clinton NJ

Our showroom in Clinton, NJ features a full selection of masonry supplies. The adjoining veneer showroom displays a great selection of thin veneer and thin brick building stone. We are located just off Route 78 in Hunterdon County, NJ. We sell a range of:

  • Bagged concretes and mortars
  • Hand tools and specialized masonry tools
  • Adhesives, cleaners and sealers
  • Cutting blades, chisels, hammers and mallets
  • Concrete reinforcing supplies, edging supplies
  • Fabrics
  • Chimney hardware
  • And more!

We can supply the concrete or stone for your project and the associated masonry supplies from our Clinton New Jersey store. Please call or stop by to learn more about the masonry supplies we sell.

Masonry cleaners, adhesives and sealants for sale in Hunterdon County

Cleaners, Sealers, Adhesives

We sell a full line of concrete and stone;

  1. Stone and Concrete Cleaners
  2. Stone and Concrete Sealers
  3. Stone and Concrete Adhesives
  4. Mortar Coloring Powders



Rebar Supplies, Edging, Joints

We sell a full line of

  1. Rod Chairs
  2. Paver Edging
  3. Expansion Joints


Masonry tools and supplies in Clinton New Jersey


We sell a full line of

  1. Quality Masonry Specific Tools
  2. Hand Tools, Shovels, Pics, more
  3. Measuring Tools and Levels
  4. Paint and String Lines