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Thin veneer natural building stone is a very popular stone for both indoor and outdoor applications. Due to its' thin profile the stone does not weigh anywhere near as much as full size building stone. This relatively light weight , precut corners, and uniform thickness makes the stone easier to install than full size stone. In addition, no foundation shelf is required to hold up the weight of the stone. Applications include into fireplaces, accent walls, finished basement accent walls. Outdoor applications include house veneer stone, landscape and outdoor kitchens, stone walls and more. We have a full selection of thin veneer building stone form multiple manufacturers and a great showroom to show you you full range of choices.

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Cultured - or man made concrete stone is an increasingly popular building stone choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. Cultured stone tends to be less expensive than natural stone. The shapes can be more precise - making it easier to install, and you often get colors, textures or shapes that are hard to duplicate with natural stone. We carry a wide range of cultured building stone and our large showroom clearly shows you you cultured stone choices. Cultured stone offers several advantages over real stone - please stop by top learn more.


Thin brick veneer dramatically reduces the weight of brick but still gives the character, texture and longevity of full size brick building stone. Available in a range of colors and finishes, textured or smooth finished - there is a choice for every application. Compared to many thin veneer stone - thin veneer brick is easy to install, and instantly gives that classic brick look. Can be used indoors or out, this is a beautiful alternative to stone finishes.