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Brick is among the oldest building materials still in use today and is the embodiment of natural and sustainable building applications. Furthermore, brick is highly energy efficient, as it retains heat and coolness better than most other natural construction materials or methods. Brick provides numerous advantages such as superior durability and longevity, recyclability, and sustainability. The cumulative environmental footprint is much smaller compared to common pavers and they are built to last for generations.

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We sell thin veneer brick from multiple manufacturers in a wide range of colors and styles. From classic aged brick to more contemporary modern colors - we have a full range of thin veneer brick - displayed at our Clinton New Jersey showroom. Thin veneer brick is much lighter than full size brick but retains the character of full size brick. It is relatively easy to install - indoors or outside. There is a timeless quality with brick that can't be duplicated with any other building material. If you are looking for that classic brick look - we have the product selection for you.

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We carry a full selection of full size brick in a number of styles and colors. Full size brick remains a popular building stone and walkway and patio stone. We have both building stone full size brick and full size brick pavers for walks and patios. You can choose from a range of colors and finished textures. Brick is a very long lived building material that maintains its color well even as it ages. It is relatively easy to work with and fits a wide range of home and landscape styles. Our Clinton, NJ stone and brick showroom shows you your full range of choices in full size brick as well as full compliment of cultured and natural stone veneers. Please stop by - you'll be pleased with the range of choices we offer.